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How the program works: (if you want to skip this and just get started, click the link at the bottom )

Welcome to 2nd Chance Nutrition! A program where you will learn what protein, fats, and carbohydrates are, how they affect your body, and how much of each you should be consuming. You will learn to read labels, you will experiment and cook new things! You will learn to eat out with friends and family without guilt and staying well within your means, You will screw up, alot. (wait, what?) None of us are perfect, our jobs suck sometimes, sometimes we just have a bad day and don’t eat the way we planned. We are going to teach you to overcome that and hop right back on.

What is flexible dieting? In the macro world we call the way we eat flexible dieting. We are given a set number of calories and a certain number of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to meet daily. This may be a deficit, this may be a maintenance, or this may be a mass. Every one of you will receive a number of calories to eat each day, depending on your goals and knowledge. The goal is to eat whole-nutrient dense foods daily while meeting our calories. The goal is also to be able to have a beer or a burger, or cheesecake (or 15 cookies if you’re me) and not have a guilt ridden evening or next day where you say “eff it, I’ve already screwed up”. The goal is to be able to fit that into your calories, enjoy the heck out of it, and move on. We are trying to get everyone out of this “All or Nothing” mindset. Because you enjoyed life for 1 day, that’s it? It’s over? No! That’s what we’re doing folks.

How this program will work

Click the link below to fill out questionnaire! Try to be as detailed as possible with this questionnaire. This will help us determine your calories and Tier. You will either be placed in Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. Tier 1 is just calorie focused. Consuming nutrient dense foods packed with micro nutrients, but the Tier 1 challengers are ONLY focused on calories and developing good habits around food. Tier 2 is calorie and protein focused. The Tier 2 challengers focus on nutrient density as well but focus on Calories and protein. Tier 3 is macro focused. Tier 3 challengers will focus on overall calorie intake as well as Protein, fat, and carbs. The goal is to end the program with everyone in Tier 3! But we will take however much time we need to get you there!  Ready to get started? Click the link below