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IMPORTANT- All Cards are placed on recurring payment. If you wish to discontinue and you are not in a contract, you MUST email
2ndchancenutrition [email protected] 7 days BEFORE your bill date to cancel your subscription. 

What do you get when you sign up?
-A FREE phone Consult with your coach
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3 Month Commitment 


Billed monthly

It takes 3 months to develop a good habit and truly see results. This plan is HIGHLY recommended

Monthly Plan


Billed monthly

You do not have to sign up for a contract if you do not wish to, this is our monthly fee. 

3 month pre-pay


Billed every 3 months
You save $30!

If you want to dive head first, you can pay 3 months up front and save $$$! 

Habits 3 MO commitment 


Billed monthly

Not all of us care about macros. Some of us just want to learn how to eat! This plan is for you if you are completely new to creating good eating habits. 

Just Macros 


Billed Monthly 

If you macro counting is nothing new to you , and you don't need the accountability just some adjustments here and there, Just macros is for you!